Blaine C. Clay Lodge # 14

Making Good Men Better in Houma, Louisiana.

Our Mission

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization, religious in character, based on the principle of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man which does charitable work in the community through its members.  In addition, its teachings and ceremonies seek to make good men better and thereby make the world a better place in which to live.”

Blaine C. Clay  History

The history of this lodge is very colorful and unique one. It reaches back 135 years, and shows that there was always a deep and abiding love among the brothers. The lodge came into being on 22nd day of June, 1883 when a small group of men 36 strong decided to avail themselves of the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful experience afforded in freemasonry. They petitioned the Eureka Grand Lodge of Louisiana and according to record, upon the recommendation of brother F.R Wright, B.H Lewis, T.H. Gage and Oscar Crozier Residents of the Parish of Terrebonne, along with a suitable number of candidates endowed with the necessary qualifications were admitted to the fraternity.

     At this point in time, a company of just men, Worshipful master J.H Bunch, Grand Lecturer and Past Master R.H Taylor, Henry Hicks, W.J Delay, I. Lawson and J. Thomas of lodges 11 and 12 and brothers Anderson and Franklin opened and occasional lodge in the town of Houma and they initiated, passed and raised 36 applicants, who were organized into a lodge under the name of King Solomon Lodge #14 the first officers were  Jordan Stewart W.M.- R. Coleman S.W - A.J Ford J.W- W.S. Harrison Treasurer- C.B Mason Secretary.

Historically, the lodge accepted memberships only of men of good character, who were GOD fearing and had the highest regard for family life. Despite many draw backs and loss of membership, the lodge managed to sustain their operations. They met regularly, buried their dead and took proper care of its widows and orphans. During the year prior to 1949 the lodge conducted its meetings in the old ODD-FELLOWS HALL located on Canal Street. That building was demolished shortly following the erection of our own Masonic home.

Beginning in 1950 under new leadership and with full support of the older members King Solomon Lodge #14, we were successful in purchasing our present building from Brother Nathaniel Land, who was at that time a member of our lodge. We engaged in many fund raising activities and in a short time accumulated enough money to build the modern building we now proudly own, to carry on the work of Prince Hall Masonry and to serve as a center of attention for other Prince Hall Groups and reputable clubs in the community. The officers and members of this lodge under the administration of Brother Donald Verret set the stage for our accomplishments.  The officers and members under the administration of Brother James C. Coit brought to a successful close the final payment and cancelation of the note. The officers and members under the administration of Past Master Jerome Singleton the final payment was made on December 12, 1996.

Now we look to the hills from which came our strength- the strength needed to carry on the work of free Masonry, the strength needed to help us hold high that Masonic torch that shines as a beacon of Hope, Love and Charity-as we look back, we can say that Prince Hall Masonry here in Houma still exists because of the deceased Worshipful Masters...Jordan Stewart who served in 1881-83, T.L Welch- 1894- 1895, C.A Verret- 1896, J.W Thomas- 1896. Willis Wright 1911, G.L McGee- 1912- 1913, M.S Gric- 1914, William Allen- 1918. J.J. Clement- 1949, James Coit- 1967-1973, Eual Phillips 1974-1978.

We pay tribute to these men who have gone on to rest from their labors, for their works do follow them and we give honor to those Past Worshipful Masters whose lives are still full of Courage, Vision and deep Faith. They are...Donald Verret who served from 1950-1966, James C. Coit-1967-1973, Eual Phillips- 1974-1978, Eddie Harris-1979-1981, Thomas Ezell SR. - 1982- 1984. Warb Pledger- 1985-1987 Elroy Leblanc- 1988- 1989. Proffie Cook- 1990-1991. Wayne Thibodeaux-1992. Jerome Singleton-1993-2001, Vincent Celestin- 2002 and Harold G. Turner- 2002-2004, Clarence D. Brown Honorary. Craig K. Felix-2005-2011,Randolph LeBlanc - 2012 - 2017, and Troy J. Welch, Our Present day Worshipful Master.







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